LED lights "dramatically reduce" power use

LED lights "dramatically reduce" power useOne of the largest retailers in the world is incorporating LED lights into a newly-launched outlet.

Wal-Mart has announced that its Burlington shop, in Canada, will use 60 per cent less energy thanks to a host of power-saving features.

The store is fitted with an array of carbon-reducing devices such as LED lighting.

Freezers will be installed with the innovative lamps in order to reduce the amount of energy needed to power the complex.

Geothermal heating has been incorporated into the shop and heats the outlet via a series of pipes installed in its flooring.

Fridge temperatures are kept stable with the use of environmentally-friendly coolants, while heat produced by the appliances is recycled and used to keep the store warm.

The company has also provided receptacles for recycling, which it explains will help reduce rubbish sent to landfill sites.

Meanwhile, Tesco recently announced its new green shop located in Devon will boast LED lighting.

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