LED lights 'beautify roads'

LED lights 'beautify roads'Night driving may become safer with the launch of solar-powered LED cat's eyes.

Created by Luna Road, the LED lights do not need to be lit up with car headlights in order to function.

Instead the technology harnesses solar-power, meaning that the lights continue to glow throughout the night.

In addition, motorists will be able to see more of the road than traditional cat's eyes which rely on headlights for illumination.

The company states that LED cats eyes are likely to replace traditional road lights in the future.

"Luna Road has completed many projects all around the Western Hemisphere of the globe, and are currently working extremely hard to unveil the Luna Road Light technology," the company said.

"We believe in saving lives, protecting and preserving our environment, in addition to beautifying night-time roads all around the globe."

A range of different coloured LED cats eyes are available from the company including white, yellow, green, blue and red.

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