LED light exchange scheme a 'success'

LED light exchange scheme a 'success'A scheme which saw residents of a Canadian town exchange incandescent bulbs for LED lights was a success, according to a local group.

Townspeople from Uxbridge were recently invited to swap their traditional lights as part of its Seasonal LED Campaign, the Port Perry Star reports.

The scheme was launched by the region's Energy Conservation Advisory Committee in a bid to reduce the residents' energy bills.

Figures from the committee reveal that 400 boxes of the innovative LED bulbs were given out in exchange for incandescent lights.

Statistics show that the LED lights will reduce the amount of power used in the area by 30,240 kilowatts.

A spokesperson for the group told the paper that the committee is keen to roll out further power-saving schemes.

"The committee will be looking to hold future events with the same theme of encouraging residents to conserve energy and reduce the overall environmental footprint of the township," the spokesperson said.

According to the Lincolnshire Echo, local councillors plan to make a £250,000 saving when Lincolnshire converts to LED lighting.

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