LED Displays promote Vodafone services

LED Displays promote Vodafone servicesVodafone's new 360 services, which offer advanced social networking and communication tools to customers via a high speed mobile internet network, have been given an equally advanced marketing boost thanks to LED display technology.

Two of Portugal's busiest shopping centres in Porto and Lisbon are host to several ingenious LED-powered marketing booths which provide incredible images stretching around the entire circumference of a glass cylinder.

The obvious link between the Vodafone 360 services and the impressive 360 degree advertising technology has been intelligently employed. Sources say that Vodafone was looking for a suitably cutting edge means by which to spread the word about 360 and that they were attracted by the capabilities of the LED displays.

The screens themselves are produced by Lifefast and take the appropriate name of 'MAGIC'. With origins in Germany the Lifefast LED displays are unique not only for their 360 degree view but also for their high resolution image reproduction. Both moving and still images can be displayed and the original experience it creates can quickly generate a huddle of interested shoppers in a busy retail space.

Vodafone has taken advantage of the transparency of the glass display itself by placing mobile phones which run the 360 internet services at the centre of the booth. Below the main screen a cylindrical stand can be augmented with additional promotional materials. This creates the maximum impact and allows for brand consistency across the Lifefast MAGIC, making it a versatile promotional mechanism for use by various businesses.

Other 360 degree LED displays can be found on display at an expo in Amsterdam, although if more companies and consumers are exposed to the advanced viewing technology on show it is likely that Lifefast products will soon be seen in other locations around the globe.

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