LED displays light up windows of Harrods

LED displays light up windows of HarrodsFamous London department store Harrods has been blessed with a range of LED displays, which they hope will light up the windows and entice passing consumers in to spend their hard earned cash.

Harrods is well known for its innovative window displays and now the LED screens have played their own part in the history of the brand.

Harrods spokesperson, Sarah Southgate, said that the store had chosen high end LED displays and then innovated with the content, in order to provide viewers with the best possible experience when walking past the windows.

Six LED displays were used in various windows around the outer edge of Harrods. The LED displays were all four metres across and three metres high and no two displays had the same content to playback.

Harrods Magazine worked with various content creators, to fill the displays with engaging, informative and alluring imagery and, although the displays showed different content, there was a cohesive narrative thread running between each. The story was animated and designed to keep people engaged as they traversed the Brompton Road side of the department store.

Southgate pointed out that the creators had to think carefully about the type of LED display that would be needed for this exhibition, with a great deal of time spent choosing LED systems which have appropriate pixel sizes. This enables good viewing angles, as well as compromising on viewing distance, so people within the vicinity can enjoy the content, wherever they are.

The LED displays were on show throughout the first two months of 2011, with replacement displays inbound for the next few months, as the spring approaches and new product lines are introduced.

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