LED displays integrated into security cards

LED displays integrated into security cardsMany companies require the use of security cards for the purposes of identification and access restriction and this is not exactly an industry which sits still.

Various persistent threats face the integrity of security cards, which is why a variety of manufacturers are regularly attempting to refresh and improve the technologies that are in place to provide protection.

Now a new type of card has been developed to provide single use password access, that will be applicable in a variety of situations.

Because this technology is advanced, the cards have also been equipped with built in LED displays, so that the changing PIN can be showcased in real time.

An onboard security chip generates the pin and it is easy for the user to view it on the LED display. Because this type of screen has very low power requirements, the cards are just as thin as traditional alternatives, but of course pack a bit more security punch.

The power is delivered to the chip through a dedicated reader device, which means that there is no need to recharge or replace any onboard battery.

Because this system combines both static and dynamic PINs, there is little chance of the system being compromised.

Produced by Infineon Technologies AG, the new card will feature officially at CeBIT, which is taking place this week in Hanover. Its developers will be outlining a number of scenarios, in which the use of the card will be beneficial.

LED displays can be built into a variety of products, from security cards to clothing, which is why there are regular announcements of new items that harness its benefits.

Low costs, efficient power use and thin, light panel capabilities help to give LED displays the edge over other options available at the moment.

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