LED displays integrated into Ethernet-powered digital signage solutions

LED displays integrated into Ethernet-powered digital signage solutionsA new set of LED displays intended for use in digital signage have been created to take advantage of Power over Ethernet (POE) technology which allows for the simultaneous provision of power and data via a standard network cable and networking infrastructure.

The LED displays have on-board touchscreen technology that allows users to interact with the displayed content in ways not usually possible with standard digital signage solutions. This can allow multiple applications to be handled by the networked displays.

There is no need for firms to alter their current network equipment because manufacturer AIS has made sure that the LED displays will draw their power from unmodified Ethernet connections, ensuring that the cost of installation will be relatively low.

The LED displays can be mounted on walls and aside from digital signage they can be used as part of an automated industry production line; in the context of a transport terminal; or even perhaps on public transport.

The LED displays can be purchased in three different screen sizes, ranging from 10.1 inches at the higher end, with a 5.7 inch option offering a smaller, more flexible housing. The displays can be set up in a range of adverse environments from minus 25 degrees right up to plus 55.

Because the displays use LED technology, AIS says that the POE system will draw as little power as possible and will utilise it efficiently for a more ecologically friendly signage solution. The firm also points out that the LED systems require less maintenance than traditional alternatives and have longer life spans, making for an investment that will provide long term value.

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