LED displays incorporated into animatronics extravaganza

LED displays incorporated into animatronics extravaganzaAn enormous animatronics show has been brought to life using high end LED displays from Barco. The imposing exhibition is on display in Singapore at the Resorts World Sentosa park, which includes a number of themed attractions, the most impressive of which is, undoubtedly, this new arrival.

The installation is called Crane Dance and features a pair of towering animatronics constructions which represent a pair of birds. These are floating on a barge located 60 metres out in the nearby bay.

LED displays measuring eight metres square are mounted in the centre of the mechanical birds' bodies and their eyes are represented by smaller, but no less vibrant, LED screens.

The attraction tells a very literal story, in which cranes formed from manmade components manage to morph into real live creatures, thanks to the power of the love which they feel for one another.

Each bird is ten storeys tall when fully extended and a combination of visual media, movement and sound effects does a good job of making the whole thing come alive.

More than 65,000 individual pixels are created by the LED displays mounted on the cranes and, thanks to a high degree of brightness, it is possible for audiences to enjoy the display during daylight hours, even if night time viewing is recommended.

The viewing angle of the displays was another important consideration for the producers of the attraction and so Barco's LED screens were the only real option to ensure that every visitor was privileged with a top notch view.

Weighing in at 550 tons and the result of three years hard work by a large team of people, the LED displays create light and colour, while each crane projects multiple jets of seawater in order to replicate the look of wings.

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