LED displays harnessed by top Brazilian football team

LED displays harnessed by top Brazilian football teamBrazil is world-famous for its footballing prowess and now Sport Club Internacional, one of the nation's leading teams, has refreshed its own museum with a range of LED displays.

The LED displays are designed to entertain and inform visitors to the museum, which receives thousands of intrigued fans each week. It also acts as a kind of glorified trophy cabinet, showcasing the silverware accumulated by the club throughout history and giving due praise to its biggest stars with their vital statistics displayed for all to see.

A pair of large LED displays situated in the museum's lobby welcome visitors in and also showcase prior matches, fun facts and even special footage shot during training sessions with the current team.

A total of 36 cleverly arranged displays elsewhere in the museum represent what is being called The Torch, which is filled with content relating to the team and spiralling around from one display to the next, producing a kaleidoscope effect that can be viewed from any angle.

Elsewhere, 58 inch LED displays reveal information about the club's best players, the matches which have been played and even the match officials who presided over them.

The museum has big plans for the future, with LED systems integrated with touchscreen technology and other inventive signage that will let visitors get to grips with the content and, hopefully, return again for repeat visits.

Engineering firm EAV worked on creating the new displays at the Sport Club Internacional museum and spokesperson, Flavio Loureiro, said that the designers wanted to make something which was unusual and hard to forget.

Since sport is best enjoyed visually it makes sense to use LED displays to showcase past glories in a museum and it seems that in this case a lot of work has gone into making the experience special.

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