LED Displays go Mobile

At LEDsynergy not only do we manufacture and install many fixed LED screens,  but we are often asked to manufacture LED screens and displays that can be mobile. The LED screens perform very well in direct sunlight and are ideal for use at sports grounds and outdoor events, live screenings and advertising or promotions.

More recently we installed full colour LED screens onto the flatbed of a small van which was to be used for mobile promotional use. These were to be driven to different locations where a particular promotion was on.

Whether it's an LED scoreboard that can be positioned anywhere on a sports stadium or a full colour video screen for a live event showing anything from a sports match or tournament to outdoor viewings of movies we can accommodate an LED screen on a trailer.

Often a sports club will want a mobile LED screen on a trailer if they perhaps share a ground with another club or they simply want to store it away when not in use from a security point of view. The screens run off a generator which can be installed on the trailer or van.

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