LED displays gain international popularity

LED displays gain international popularityMore and more businesses and organisations are beginning to choose LED displays for large outdoor signage, advertising and entertainment, with firms from London to Hong Kong investing in the technology.

Last week it was revealed that two enormous LED displays will take pride of place, towering over the A4 as it passes by Hammersmith via the flyover, bringing thousands of commuters and travellers to and from the capital.

The two LED displays will be 7.6 metres high and 5.1 metres across and each will be viewable from either side and from most angles, allowing both lanes of drivers to get a good look at what is being displayed. Ocean Outdoor, which has commissioned the construction of the screens, has been referring to the screens as 'the two towers' because of their size and shape.

Meanwhile on the other side of the globe a new shopping centre in Hong Kong has been endowed with an enormous LED display measuring 177 inches across.

The shopping centre is an incredible 31 floors high and the LED screen spans the third and fourth floors, with information and advertisements for visiting customers displayed.

According to its manufacturers, the new LED display is capable of showing bright, vibrant images which benefit from an impressive 140 degree viewing angle, allowing those approaching from all sides to get a good look at the on-screen information.

There are a total of 30 individual LED displays which are used to make up the full 177 inches across the diagonal, with each giant screen measuring 3.84 metres in width.

Experts predict that the arrival of OLED technology, as showcased recently by Mitsubishi in a large scale format, could mean that even more impressive LED displays will be used for advertising and informational purposes in the future.

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