LED displays for the maritime industry

LED displays for the maritime industryManufacturer North Invent has just introduced a new 19 inch LED display which is intended to be used on large shipping vessels, withstanding the tough conditions which are inevitable when out at sea.

The LED display type is chosen by many maritime companies because this technology offers greater brightness than alternatives, as well as providing a longer operational lifespan.

There are already displays ranging from 15 inches to 23 inches in the Sea Line range from North Invent, but company spokesperson, Soren Refsgaard, said that the latest 19 inch screen has impeccable panel clarity which makes viewing it much easier, regardless of the ambient lighting conditions.

Mr Refsgaard continued to praise LED technology, pointing out that its use was also desirable in a maritime environment because the displays require far fewer components compared with traditional screens, which lowers the cost of maintenance and also makes them easy to construct and cheaper for the end user.

North Invent is planning to roll out LED displays across its Sea Line range, ensuring that the most popular screen sizes are accommodated first, so that upgrades can be carried out with a technology that is designed to stay the course.

Because of the hazardous environments in which the displays will be used they have been built to achieve an IP65 rating, which means that they are waterproof to a certain degree, although they will not necessarily survive prolonged submersion.

In addition, each LED display is able to automatically react to the ambient lighting conditions, thanks to graduated dimming technology. This means it will be adjusted on the fly to provide exceptional viewing in any situation.

The LED displays can accept a number of different inputs and can be found online now via a number of major display outlets.

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