LED displays dominate signage and entertainment industries

LED displays dominate signage and entertainment industriesIn an article on AV Interactive it has been pointed out just how much has changed in the world of large scale displays and boards over the last decade, with LED displays managing to edge out the competition and provide the most efficient, convenient type of screen for both indoor and outdoor events.

10 years ago there would have been several key options, with projector-based compartmentalised video walls allowing for large, detailed displays indoors while the CRT-based Sony JumboTron screens would serve the arenas and sports grounds of the world.

Now almost everything has shifted the way of LED displays, which have not only come to replace the ageing CRT screens but also the video walls, with the likes of the segmented MicroTiles from Christie allowing the deep cabinets and projectors of previous generations to be replaced with highly customisable display setups which are thin and less power hungry than anything which came before.

The arrival of large scale Organic LED displays from the likes of Mitsubishi in recent months has shown that even existing LED technology has a limited life span as future developments will surely see cheaper, cleaner, greener and more visually stunning screens arriving on the scene.

Of course the article points out that there are actually more divides in the industry than there were before, with the great diversity of products potentially making it more difficult for organisations to choose the right LED display for them.

At the moment it may be the cost which is preventing wider uptake of high resolution, high brightness LED displays, despite the fact that they are far more attractive to potential buyers than older videowalls or even plasma displays, particularly when they are to be viewed in direct sunlight and from a variety of angles.

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