LED displays create digital fireworks display for Independence Day

LED displays create digital fireworks display for Independence DayTimes Square in New York is internationally known for its LED display advertising hoardings and wealth of digital content, which makes an ever-shifting background to attract millions of visitors a year.

Now ahead of the July 4th celebrations of Independence Day, it looks like a number of LED displays within the area are being harnessed to create a very special showcase indeed.

While you will usually see adverts and branding painted in bright lights across Times Square, the displays adorning the building that houses the New Year's Eve ball will be harnessed, in order to create a digital fireworks display, the likes of which has never before been seen, according to MarketWatch.

The display will span 130 feet of LED displays and will actually combine multiple screens, which are usually distinct from one another, including models from Toshiba and TDK.

The aforementioned New Year's Eve ball will also be used as part of the display, with red, white and blue illuminations being added to make it fit in with the patriotic feelings that will be riding high during the event.

The displays have already been used for a similar purpose in the past, with a digital Christmas tree being virtually erected on them during Christmas 2011. This garnered Toshiba and TDK a Guinness World Record for their efforts and so a similarly spectacular show is expected for Independence Day.

The displays will be used to represent the night sky in the lead up to the main event, with the display going ahead after a crowd countdown.

The screens will show off the fireworks until the 8th of July, with the content running on a loop every 11 minutes all day and all night, to make sure as many people as possible can witness it.

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