LED displays appear in Glasgow subway system

LED displays appear in Glasgow subway systemA new network of LED-backlit displays has made its debut in Glasgow, providing users of the subway system with information and creating a platform for advertising that will have a large audience on a daily basis.

The network uses technology from Remote Media's signagelive range and is managed by Primesight. Five of Glasgow's subways now have the LED systems in place, thanks to funding from the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport.

The LED displays are arranged throughout the stations, from on the platforms to within the entrance lobbies, giving commuters lots to take in while they make their way to and from work.

According to the developers, the LED displays which sit across the tracks from commuters are the first of this type to make an appearance in the UK.

The displays use LCD screens with LED backlighting, which combines to produce bright onscreen images while managing to consume just 90w of electricity. As well as allowing for greater efficiency, the LED displays are considerably slimmer than previous technologies, allowing for subtly integrated enclosures which sit almost flush to the walls on which they are mounted.

Display expert, Ian Abernathy, explained that the amount of energy consumed by the new LED displays was 200 watts lower than by screens using fluorescent backlighting technology.

The displays are proofed against all weather conditions and protective glass mounted on the front is designed to prevent intrusion and withstand the wear and tear that is likely to befall the displays over their operational lifespans.

As well as providing commuters with information, a progressive range of advertising packages are being offered to firms wishing to promote products and target the commuters who use Glasgow's subway systems on a daily basis. An estimated 15 million people pass through the system each year, providing a good change for engagement with the audience.

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