LED display using flexible technology heading to European markets

LED display using flexible technology heading to European marketsNanoLumens, a firm which manufactures advanced display technology, has announced that it will be launching flexible LED displays in Europe next year.

The ability to bend and mould the LED displays to suit different situations means that it will be possible for screens that are concave or convex to be erected in the coming months. It might even be an option if a display that follows the circumference of a column is required.

NanoLumens displays are set to measure around 112 inches across the diagonal when the first LED screens are made available via UK distributor PSCo in 2011.

The LED displays can be set up both indoors or outside and the plug and play nature of the screens means it will be easy to integrate them into existing digital signage systems or set them up as individual displays.

Because the LED displays from NanoLumens are lighter than alternative rigid displays, they are also easier to store and cheaper to transport.

PSCo has announced that, as part of its distribution deal, it will be able to provide UK clients with a rail mounting system for the NanoLumens LED display, which will allow for a curve of up to 43� to be given to the display once fully installed.

PSCo's Stuart Holmes, explained that the whole display weighs just 41 kilograms and does not require that any compromise is made in terms of brightness or vibrancy, giving it the edge over traditional alternatives.

A demonstration model is up and running in the UK for potential users to examine and next year it is likely to be used widely, if it gains a solid reputation from early showings.

PSCo will be providing after-sales support as well as offering its expertise for servicing if clients choose to make NanoLumens' LED display technology a permanent fixture.

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