LED Display Rumours for New iPhone Surface

LED Display Rumours for New iPhone SurfaceEach year the iPhone is the subject of endless debate as Apple prepares to reveal the latest generation of this flagship handset and much of the talk in 2013 focuses on the type of display it will feature. This is somewhat unusua,l given that in 2012 the iPhone 5 arrived with a bigger screen than had been featured on any of its predecessors, suggesting that the successor due for release in 2013 will be an incremental upgrade that might well stick with the same display technology.

However, rumours reported by Unwired View suggest that the next iPhone could well have an LED display with over twice as many pixels as seen in the past, up to 1.5 million from 725,000. This would result in a significant increase in the pixel density, going beyond the levels seen on the Retina Display and perhaps allowing the next iPhone to lock horns with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, whose full HD panels give them better clarity and crispness. It is also thought that Apple might well source its LED displays for the next iPhone from Samsung in spite of the fact that the two companies have been at legal loggerheads for some time, according to MacRumours.

It was previously believed that Apple would be turning to other companies to provide key components for its future devices, but now insiders believe that Samsung is essentially the only manufacturer capable of delivering the type of technology that the iPhone requires in the quantities sufficient to meet demand. The new iPhone could be revealed at some point over the next couple of months, although some believe it will be held back until the autumn to give the iPhone 5 a chance to reach its full sales potential. If a fresh LED display is featured on the upcoming release, Apple could be making its fans very happy.

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