LED Display network brought Commonwealth Games to fans

LED Display network brought Commonwealth Games to fansA vast network of LED displays was erected through Delhi during the recent Commonwealth Games in order to allow fans and local citizens the chance to enjoy the action without having to make it to the various venues.

What is noteworthy about this array of LED systems is that it was considered to be the largest urban arrangement of LED displays in Asia.

A total of 50 LED displays were erected ahead of the games with work beginning in mid-2009. Now that the games are over the screens will be used mainly for advertising, with local officials calculating that almost �1 million will be generated from ad revenues each year.

Traffic safety legislation in India requires that the displays are not positioned in view of any roads, so the 50 LED screens are to be found in marketplaces and retail areas across Delhi.

The LED displays will be around at least until 2015 at which point it will be possible for the operator, International Technomedia, to apply for a renewed license that will bring them another two years in the heart of Delhi.

It is believed that when the Commonwealth Games were broadcast live on the screens it was the first time that this particular event had been covered in such a manner. Each of the 50 displays measured 10x20 feet and came complete with audio equipment to make sure that passersby could hear the action as well as see it.

While advertising is to play a key part in the future of the LED displays' operation it looks like other programming will form an important part of their presence in the local communities, giving viewers a greater range of entertainment when they are out and about in their nearby neighbourhood markets.

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