LED display integrate 3D tech into rollercoaster

LED display integrate 3D tech into rollercoasterA Japanese amusement park has created a unique rollercoaster experience by adding interactive 3D technology to the Space Fantasy ride using integrated LED displays.

The Japanese location of famous Universal Studios franchise has taken advantage of the new interactive 3D LED display technology offered by GestureTek to make the excitement of a rollercoaster even more engaging.

There are LED displays arranged around the course of the ride, as well as in the queue and visitors are encouraged to interact with them, as their movements will be registered and translated into onscreen actions. Hand and arm gestures are able to perform a variety of functions on the LED displays and the technology can track multiple limbs and users at the same time, with up to 132 hands being registered.

LED displays arranged along a 30 metre tunnel allow passengers on the ride to interact and collect the quirkily named Stardust Clouds, as these are key to core concept of the Space Fantasy ride, which tasks its passengers with powering up a dying sun.

Previously user interaction on LED displays would have required some kind of touch sensitive technology, but now with gesture recognition there is no need to have the passengers physically touching the displays, which is not only more intuitive for the user but also means that the displays will undergo less wear and tear.

3D technology makes the onscreen images pop out at the visitors and this is certainly something that multiple industries are now harnessing in order to boost flagging visitor numbers. First Hollywood pulled people back to the cinema with 3D movies and now amusement parks might be increasing their popularity the world over with inventive, interactive and immersive additions to rollercoasters and rides using LED displays and 3D technology.

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