LED display helps Burberry launch Beijing store

LED display helps Burberry launch Beijing storeFashion brand Burberry is expanding and taking China by storm, with its latest outlet in Beijing launching recently with one of the world's largest LED displays helping to make its presence felt in amongst this bustling metropolis.

According to the Telegraph the LED display in the flagship outlet which opened in the imaginatively named Sparkle Roll Plaza is the world's second largest outdoor screen on the planet. Only the monster displays at Yankee Stadium in New York are able to outdo it in terms of sheer scale.

The LED display takes up a large portion of one side of the Burberry store and it faces over the street and car park. Chief executive Angela Ahrendts said that the screen is to be used for much more than advertising the brand, with live streams from the catwalks at the world's biggest fashion shows set to be shown and parties planned to bask in its highly visible glow.

A number of other LED-powered devices, like the Apple iPad, are being implemented within the store itself. Staff are being equipped with the LED-backlit tablet and customers can then browse the entire catalogue and buy goods with a single click while they enjoy the atmosphere and wolf down a few complimentary nibbles.

The idea of integrating digital signage and LED technology into the retail experience is perhaps one of the many reasons that Burberry is being seen as a world leader when it comes to luxury shopping. By embracing modern technology and leveraging it in ways that have not been previously attempted it is managing to engage with customers and take on new international territories to milk the emerging markets.

China is a particularly important part of the world for Burberry, which expects to have more than 100 outlets available there within the next five years, by which time the middle class of this economic powerhouse will have increased in size by a factor of six.

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