LED display announces birth of royal baby

LED display announces birth of royal babyPrince George of Cambridge was born last month, with happy parents William and Catherine showing their bundle of joy to the press shortly after his arrival on the planet.

A wide variety of outlets were poised to announce the birth and let everyone know the name and gender of the child, with the media circus seeming rather preposterous at times, given that so little news was actually being generated.

Londoners who happened to be out on the streets and within view of the BT Tower at the time will have been able to learn of the details of the birth in epic style, as the huge, circular LED display that sits at the top of this well known landmark was used to broadcast it across the capital, according to the Mirror.

This LED display is made up of 177 individual panels, with a total of almost 530,000 LEDs used to make up its expansive surface, which encircles the upper stories of this 600 foot structure.

This particular LED display has been in position since 2009 and was originally dedicated to displaying a timer counting down to the 2012 Olympics. It has also been used to celebrate other national events and can even be seen from the outskirts of London, although admittedly at this distance the actual text and content is virtually illegible.

Following the announcement of the birth of the new prince, the LED display on the BT Tower will return to being used as a promotional tool for the company that operates it. Although if Wills and Kate decide to expand their family further, it seems like that it will once again be harnessed to break the news to the nation and confirm the birth of any future royals that may take place.

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