LED display and lighted tower supplied to US stadium

LED display and lighted tower supplied to US stadiumTarget Field, home of the Minnesota Twins in the US, has just seen its outdoor viewing and signage technology updated with the addition of a pair of new LED-powered elements. The first comes in the form of a large scale LED display and the second is an LED tower which stands proud above one of the stands.

The LED tower is 100 feet high and is an interesting experiment with LED systems. While the top of the tower will feature a digital clock picked out in LEDs, the rest is going to be used for engaging advertising, encouraging messages to the home team and to supply information to visiting fans.

The LED display is actually a secondary screen designed to supplement the current main display, so that fans sitting all around the stadium can still enjoy live action replays. It measures 28 feet high and 50 feet wide, creating a widescreen, large scale display that will be able to support the latest content.

In addition to this major LED display installation, a quartet of smaller LED signs will showcase the current corporations who are sponsoring the team, stadium or event, allowing for dynamic advertising and recognition.

The LED displays and the LED tower have been created thanks to a partnership between manufacturer Daktronics and architect firm Populous. The LED system management will be carried out using the existing network which will reduce costs.

The stadium that houses the Minnesota Twins is located in the middle of central Minneapolis and is considered to be one of America's most urban baseball venues.

Large scale LED displays are of great significance to sports teams and fans alike, with modern technology allowing displays to provide greater insight on the action while simultaneously cutting down on the carbon footprint of the stadium.

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