LED display adorns South Korean event

LED display adorns South Korean eventA major exhibition of art and technology being held in South Korea is packed with interesting things to see and do, but one of the biggest attractions is an enormous LED display, which is mounted on the underside of a roof that leads into a shopping centre.

The expo began this week and will be running for three months, with around 10 million visitors expected to pass through its various venues during this period. Organisers believe that the economic stimulation caused by the event will result in tens of thousands of jobs being created.

The LED display itself measures an impressive 218 metres long, with a width measurement of 20 metres. A wide selection of digital content will be displayed on the screen throughout the event and it will keep pedestrians gazing upwards as they enter one of the international pavilions and shopping centre areas.

Over £6.2 billion has been spent in order to prepare for this major event and, interestingly, one of the key ideas behind its design is that it will be more environmentally sustainable than other equivalent ventures of this size.

The use of an LED display as the centrepiece and introduction to the expo is certainly sensible, as this type of technology offers lower power consumption and improved longevity when compared with traditional alternatives.

There is even a dedicated Energy Park area, which allows members of the public to get up close and personal with the types of technologies that will power the world of tomorrow in a greener, more efficient manner.

While all eyes will be on London for the 2010 Olympic Games, it seems that South Korea certainly deserves some attention for its own major event. Hopefully, exciting items like the LED display will help it to garner international coverage.

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