LED Ceiling for Music festival

LED Ceiling for Music festivalV Squared Labs has created a brand new LED display setup for the Ultra Music Festival which is held in Miami, Florida in the US, this year.

The firm has been behind the various audiovisual aspects of the festival for the past decade, but this year its cutting edge LED displays which will adorn the main stage are particularly noteworthy.

A total of 20 LED displays are mounted across the stage, with one even forming what is being referred to as an LED 'roof,' which hovers over the artists and gives fans a great visual experience from almost any angle.

The Ultra Music Festival is dedicated largely to electronic acts and this year artists, including Skrillex and Afrojack, will be taking to the stage and harnessing the advanced LED setup, in order to enhance their performances.

The nature of electronic music means that incorporating multimedia elements to live shows has become a standard feature, to a far greater degree than you might see at festivals which are geared more towards rock acts.

The mastermind behind the LED displays is Vello Virkhaus and he is not only handling the design and arrangement of the screens, but is also working out what type of digital content the acts might require so that they do not necessarily have to provide their own media ahead of the festival.

Mr Virkhaus told MTV News that festival displays have come a long way since his firm began working in this industry. He said that, originally, the Ultra Music Festival used simple 16mm film projectors to showcase footage onstage, but with the dawn of affordable and flexible LED displays, it has been easy to evolve the type of setup which is in place, adding to the experience for both music fans and artists alike.

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