LED boards keep score at 2010 OEC Taipei Ladies Open

LED boards keep score at 2010 OEC Taipei Ladies OpenTaiwan's largest tennis competition, the Taipei Ladies Open, was completed in November and during the exciting matches it was large LED boards which kept the audience and sportspeople on top of the latest scores.

The LED displays used during the event measured 300 inches across and harnessed the digital signage system designed for sporting by CAYIN and utilising cloud computing technology to provide up to the minute information.

Two LED boards were used at the Open and a network connection allowed trained users to display content manually should the need arise. Along with real time scores and statistics, the LED displays were also used to broadcast replays and live action from across the event.

A team of people worked with the LED displays because the start times of each game were not set in stone and, as such, an automated system could not be relied upon to provide consistent results. With the help of an overseer it was possible to coordinate the playback of content and harness existing templates as and when appropriate, to make the most out of the LED boards.

Referees who presided over the matches were able to keep the scores up to date by entering each point into a PDA, from which the data was fed to the LED displays via the controllers. This intelligent implementation of the technology allowed for a streamlined update experience which was always accurate and representative of the current score.

The LED systems were just one aspect of this multi-faceted digital signage operation. The organisers were aiming to reduce the amount of paper which was consumed during the event, by broadcasting information about matches and other salient details to the audience and competitors on the LED displays and other signage at the stadiums.

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