LED backlighting powers largest 3D TV on the planet

LED backlighting powers largest 3D TV on the planetSouth Korean electronics manufacturer LG has launched a new 3D TV that is officially the largest in the world, as well as being incredibly thin, thanks to the use of energy-efficient LED backlighting technology.

The 3D TV is a hybrid of traditional LCD technology and the benefits of an LED display, as it ditches fluorescent backlighting to cut down on the wasting of energy as heat.

The display from LG is 72 inches across, allowing it to take the title of world's largest 3D TV and the LED technology allows it to look very slim, with a design that is complemented by a golden swivel stand and a slate-like base, which echoes its wafer-thin screen.

This LED display uses full backlighting across the entire area of the screen because lighting it solely from the edge would probably result in a lack of uniformity in its brightness.

The screen is capable of many high end functions as you might expect, with its 400Hz refresh rate allowing it to cope admirably with 3D content from Blu-Ray players and TV broadcasts. It will also be able to work with 2D footage just as well and integrates multimedia playback from portable storage as well as wireless streaming to keep things fresh.

LG is expected to debut this 72 inch LED display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and it will go on sale to those with deep pockets, large living rooms and a love of 3D early in 2011.

This type of LED display is the best way to enjoy films in the manner which filmmakers intended them to be viewed. Sadly manufacturer wrangling means that some 3D films, like Avatar, are locked in to particular products rather than on general release, so a little bartering and shopping online might be necessary to secure the movie of your choice.

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