LED artwork provokes debate

LED artwork provokes debateAn art exhibition incorporating an LED screen is provoking debate among European Union officials.

Entitled Entropa, the creation was constructed by David Cerny, from the Czech Republic, and was recently unveiled in the council of ministers building, Brussels.

The exhibition plays on national stereotypes of countries within the EU and has received mixed reactions from visitors.

France bears the slogan "greve", French for strike, while the UK is not represented within the exhibition, which commentators argue reflects the nation's lack of enthusiasm towards the EU.

An LED screen is used to represent the Czech Republic and bears messages from the country's president Vaclav Klaus.

Despite the controversial nature of the exhibition, Alexandr Vondra, Czech deputy prime minister, stated that the LED artwork will be welcomed by the EU.

"In today's Europe there is no place for censorship," said Mr Vondra.

"I am confident in Europe's open mind and capacity to appreciate such a project."

Meanwhile in London, artist Santiago Sierra recently incorporated an LED screen into his exhibition, which is entitled Death Counter.

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