LCD joins LED display tech in contact lens format

LCD joins LED display tech in contact lens formatScientists and researchers have invested a lot of time and money looking into ways which might make it possible to embed displays into contact lenses.

This kind of technology would allow users to view the world with a screen that appears to be projected in front of them, without having to carry a gadget or even have a separate display of any kind.

There are plenty of applications for this kind of hardware, ranging from the consumer market to the commercial and even military spheres. Combined with augmented reality technology, this kind of contact lens embedded display would open up a world of possibilities for entertainment and practical purposes.

Earlier in the year, news of an LED display integrated into a contact lens and powered by a built in battery emerged.

Now it is reported by Stuff magazine that a screen based on LCD technology has been integrated into a contact lens, proving that there might be competition in this market further down the line.

Unlike the initial LED displays created for contact lens use, the LCD screen is capable of integrating multiple pixels and performing a number of tricks that go beyond simply creating a screen that is visible to the user.

One use might be the apparent changing of the eye colour of the wearer on the fly, using conductive polymers to achieve this.

We are still at least a decade away from this type of LCD and LED display technology becoming viable in mainstream consumer products.

However, it does paint an interesting picture of where the future is headed. Indeed, some have argued that LCD technology will be superseded by LED displays, although there might be room for both on the market as competitors further down the line.

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