Largest LED screens in Australia unveiled

Largest LED screens in Australia unveiledVisitors to an Australian arena will soon see matches unfold on one of the largest LED screens in the country, according to a leading manufacturer.

Created by Panasonic, the Astrovision LED screen was recently installed at ANZ Stadium to enhance the spectators' viewing experience.

The company states that the venue now boasts the largest LED-based screen it has constructed in the world.

Spectators are expected to benefit from the greater clarity offered by the screens as compared with the venue's previous boards.

In addition, software allows information such as scores to be immediately updated so fans can keep track of their team's progress.

The displays will also beam venue information and messages from teams' sponsors to spectators.

Ken Edwards, managing director of the stadium, said: "These Panasonic screens deliver a viewing experience which is unsurpassed anywhere in the world."

Meanwhile, Nascar recently announced that Michigan International Speedway erected LED scoreboards to provide more race information to visitors.

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