Large LED displays integrated into US sports ground

Large LED displays integrated into US sports groundThe Tampa Bay Times Forum, which is the stadium which plays host to this Floridian city's ice hockey team, has just received an upgrade to its central hanging bank of LED displays.

These screens now represent the largest suspended display structure in the whole of North America, allowing fans to enjoy high definition footage on a large scale for the best possible experience during each event.

Tampa Bay Lighting spokesperson, Steve Griggs, said that the screens would be engaging and appealing to all who visit the stadium.

There are four displays in total, with the two largest units measuring 50 feet horizontally and 28 feet vertically. The high-def nature of the displays means that organisers will be able to squeeze a lot of content onto them simultaneously, giving them several zones in which various feeds and information can be presented, without compromising on quality.

The smaller of the four displays still measure 28 feet vertically, but a 20 foot horizontal measurement means that they will not enjoy the widescreen resolution of their larger siblings. However, this is still an entirely adequate canvas on which to showcase live and pre-recorded video, as well as graphics and information.

The combined LED count for the two biggest screens is close to six million, with the latest technology allowing for the display of an incredibly deep colour pallet, which can range between 144 quadrillion different hues and tones.

LED displays have already been added to this stadium in the past, with last year's ribbon boards, in order to help visitors find their way around, get the latest score and find out about the different advertisers that support this major venue.

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