Large LED displays central to 2010 Commonwealth Games

Large LED displays central to 2010 Commonwealth GamesA series of large scale LED displays have been commissioned to entertain and inform the crowds at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

The games are being held between the 3rd and the 14th of October this year in New Delhi, with the opening and closing ceremonies occurring at the Jawaharal Nehru Stadium.

The LED displays are being supplied by MIC Electronics and they are reportedly going to use its high end LED technology which can already be seen in action in various locations around the globe.

MIC's managing director Dr. M. V. Ramana Rao said that the firm's LED displays had received only limited international exposure before and that the Common Wealth Games 2010 were a significant opportunity to showcase the potential of its technology.

The various stadiums hosting the games will benefit from a total of 19 different LED displays. The seven smallest displays will have an area of 150 square feet, which is not insignificant on paper, although it does pale in comparison to the 12 largest LED displays, each of which will stretch over an area of 600 square feet.

The total square footage to be covered by LED displays is 8000 for the 2010 Commonwealth Games and the displays will be used for the coverage of both indoor and outdoor events, which means that the vast majority of visitors benefit from nearly a fifth of an acre of LED systems in action.

MIC is an Indian firm with its headquarters in the city of Hyderbad. This is regarded as one of the fastest growing areas in India, with a booming IT sector. The area is set to benefit from the expansion of MIC and its contemporaries, with LED technology thus helping the local economy.

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