Large LED display for US university stadium

Large LED display for US university stadiumA major investment is being made by the University of Arkansas, to equip the Reynolds Razorback Stadium with what will be one of the largest LED displays ever seen in a college sports venue in America.

The LED board will measure 167 feet wide and 38 feet high, which is, effectively, twice the size of the existing display that is present at the north end of the stadium.

The LED display will have a native high definition resolution, drastically improving the quality of the images which it can showcase.

University spokesperson, Jeff Long, said that having the correct kind of display would allow fans to become far more engaged in the action on the field and would really heighten the excitement and fun of seeing the biggest games that are played there.

The cost of installing the LED display and completing the project with the appropriate associated equipment will come close to reaching the £3 million mark. The current screen was erected at the turn of the millennium, but now the university's athletics department feels that a new generation of LED technology needs to be harnessed.

The initiative will also see LED signs erected at convenient locations throughout the stadium in order to provide spectators with information during events.

The final inclusion will be large LED game clocks located at either end of the field, to keep everyone up to date with the remaining time.

LSI Industries is responsible for the manufacture and installation of this LED display and it has the highest possible resolution for its size, which will really help it to make an impact, once it is up and running.

This story indicates the kind of hype that surrounds college sports in America and the funding available to enhance the viewer's experience.

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