Keeping the Queues Flowing


Queue management sign

Longleat Forest is one of five Center Parcs locations across the UK. Longleat Forest opened in 1994 and has been a very popular destination for visitors ever since.

On changeover days, Friday and Monday, the amount of traffic coming through the entrance is enormous as you may imagine, so in order to help minimise the waiting times for people arriving, LEDsynergy have recently installed an electronic queue management sign to the park’s entrance and check-in area.

There are a number of check-in desks within the Arrivals Lodge where you can book in and where you are given your keys and car park pass. Given the amount of visitors arriving on these days, time is of the essence to avoid long queues mounting and visitors getting frustrated.

“The sign is working very well and appears to be speeding up our processes, a good investment so far” said Mark Mason of Center Parcs.

The LED arrivals display installed by LEDsynergy tackles this problem by highlighting which desk to go to and which desks are busy at that particular time, keeping the time wasted to an absolute minimum.

The admissions clerk within the Arrivals lodge has a button on their desk and will press this to show whether the desk is available or not and the LED display will change likewise.

The visitors can see at a glance which desk to go to thus making their check-in quicker and avoiding unnecessary waiting around.

LEDsynergy can install this type of display into any similar area where a queue management system is required, it can be tailor made to your particular requirement or budget.


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