Keeping MORE Military Informed!

At LEDsynergy we install a lot of LED electronic displays and signs to the Military. We have a winning format and are approved military contractors.

Another stunning new screen installed at MOD Lyneham, keeping the Defence School of Electronic and Mechanical Engineering and its visitors informed.

We have actually installed two stunning LED screens at MOD Lyneham recently in two areas, slightly different sizes.

The surround of the casing is colour coded with vinyl cut lettering to the top. The LED screen itself is a 10mm pitch screen and the screen shown right has a resolution of 192 x 96 pixels.

We have installed similar displays at many other RAF, Army and Naval bases across the country keeping our armed forces updated with relevant information and base status.

The displays can be fully customizable with colour cases, static graphics and regimental crests.

We are an approved Defence contractor.

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