Keeping Information Clear for Your Visitors


Programmable LED VMS (Variable Message Signs) information display signs are an ideal medium for the transport industry, whether it is at a site entrance to a large corporate campus, a busy shipping port, a military base or on the roadway within, they are extremely versatile and can be updated both quickly and efficiently.

The LED transport variable message signs are ideal where constantly changing information needs to be updated and conveyed to the public and visitors as soon as possible.

These signs were recently installed at Wessex Water at their gate house to warn, direct and inform visitors.

Information such as speed limits, direction, no entry and restrictions can be easily and quickly be relayed our our LED signs.

LEDsynergy LED signs are common place in the Transport and Highways environment; areas such as site entrance gates, car parking, directional signs within campuses, goods-in and vehicle waiting areas. The sign are easily updated and give clear messages to the public or your visitors.

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