K-9 gets an LED makeover

K-9 gets an LED makeoverAn updated version of the Doctor Who star K-9 has won the latest round of the Trossen Robotics competition.

The 2009 version of the robot dog has been updated to include LED eyes, plus an LED screen on its back that provides the user with "status reports" according to GizMag.

Although at first glance it looks much like the version in the television series, the winner of this latest round of the robotics organisation's competition is pretty high tech, being able to avoid obstacles using a sensor.

That sensor also detects moving objects, which the dog feels compelled to investigate – although as K-9 gets older its reactions and speed become more sedate.

The Trossen Robotics competition allows robot fans to show off their design skills and innovative use of technology.

But it looks unlikely that the new, LED-clad K-9 will be appearing in shops anytime in the near future – the creator said the motivation for making the robot came simply from a desire to own a robot pet.

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