Japanese resort unveils tunnel of LEDs

Japanese resort unveils tunnel of LEDsA tunnel of LEDs has been launched at a resort in Japan, providing visitors with an unusually illuminating experience.

Those who are regular visitors to Toki no Sumika will be well aware of the tunnel, as it has become a main feature of the resort over recent years, but this year it has been made even more spectacular, with more LEDs put into the tunnel.

The tunnel now boasts 3.2 million LEDs, all of which are powered by the sun, meaning the tunnel also provides visitors with a wonderful example of how LED lights can be green as well as beautiful.

The lights will be on every evening from 17:00 local time to 21:00. It runs until March 8th and entry into the tunnel is free.

Toki no Sumika in Gotemba, Shizuoka Prefecture, contains one of Japan's hot springs, making it a popular tourist attraction.

LEDs are becoming an increasingly popular source of light. It was recently revealed that Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was considering replacing its existing lights with LEDs across the entire city.

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