Is Samsung Preparing To Innovate On LED TV Displays?

No matter how busy your day becomes, you’ll always find time - and comfort - to sit in front of your television. After all, you could be streaming a show from Netflix, playing on a video game console or watching the football. Just like any other tech product, though, a significant improvement could be heading to LED TV displays.

Samsung could be releasing its first line of microLED TVs before the end of 2018, Pocket-lint reports. According to the tech company’s first quarterly earnings, its profits have dropped for consecutive years on its TV range. However, one can only look at microLED TVs as a way for Samsung to bounce back and take on its competitors like Sony and LG Electronics.

Samsung commented: “Expand premium lineups for products such as ultra-large-size QLED TVs (75” and up) and 8K TVs; solidify leadership in premium market by launching innovative products like microLED TVs.”

Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to penetrate the market and keep revenue from dipping, especially with household applications like a TV. From improvements made in 3D to 4K, microLED offers a worthwhile investment for Samsung to bring something new to consumers.

Global Market Insights (via GlobeNewswire) reported that the microLED display market is expected to surpass $14 billion by 2024. Before the end of 2018, it is expected that the product will have shipped one million units worldwide.

If you look at TVs from the past decade - and especially beyond it - you’ll see that new models have featured streamlined designs, increased efficiency and high-quality visuals. With Samsung investing in microLEDs, don’t expect its competitors and other leading manufacturers to be far behind and releasing their own ranges before the end of 2019 or 2020.

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