Interactive LED displays entertain passengers at Chinese airport

Interactive LED displays entertain passengers at Chinese airportShanghai Pudong International Airport is a busy hub for travel like many other major interchanges. While things usually run smoothly, there are unavoidable instances in which flights get delayed and passengers have to wait around for extended periods, with little to keep them occupied.

However, a system of new LED displays which has been set up in the airport could help to change all that as it gives travellers the chance to keep themselves entertained on a large scale.

The LED displays are hooked up to a motion-sensing camera system, similar to that deployed by the Xbox 360's Kinect peripheral, which means that it can detect the movement of a person's entire body and allow them to control games just by waggling their arms, hands and legs.

Each of the LED displays hosts a number of casual gaming titles, with Fruit Ninja being one of the best known. Kids and adults alike can get involved with the gameplay, although obviously it will be youngsters who make the most out of this platform, because they will feel less inhibited about flailing around in front of strangers.

Organisers at the airport revealed that the LED displays were not only installed to alleviate passenger boredom, but also keep the levels of frustration and anger low.

While many passengers may not have time to wait around and play with the screens, there will be some who have to spend hours at a time waiting for a flight which has been delayed, according to Polygon.

This kind of LED system might be an appropriate inclusion at other airports and if it proves to be a hit with the passengers who visit this Chinese travel centre, similar solutions could pop up elsewhere, perhaps gracing airports in the UK.

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