Integrated smartphone projector tech to utilise LEDs

Integrated smartphone projector tech to utilise LEDsFor afew years now there have been various predictions about what will become the next must –have smartphone integration, with many predicting that pico projectors will fit this bill.

These are essentially miniature projectors, which can be embedded into smartphone devices or other portable gadgets and then allow them to showcase full motion video and lots of other content on any flat surface, just like a full sized projector.

Of course, projecting something for extended periods requires a lot of energy, which puts a major strain on the battery technology currently available on mainstream smartphones.

The solution of manufacturer Osram, has been to develop an LED-powered small scale projector, which is more efficient and thus more eco friendly than some of its rivals.

The Ostar Projection Cube is even more efficient than previously existing LED projection solutions and delivers enough brightness so that images can be seen, even if there is a decent amount of ambient light. As such, users will not have to put a room into darkness before actually being able to appreciate the integrated projector found onboard their handset.

Osram is planning to create a number of different LED projectors with varying power requirements and outputs, which means they might also be suitable for larger devices like tablets, where there is more battery life available to harness for brighter, bolder results.

The LED projectors will measure just 0.6mm thick, which is in keeping with the increasingly slim profile of modern smartphones. As such, manufacturers would not have to make compromises in the design in order to integrate one of the Projection Cubes.

LEDs are being used increasingly in the mobile market, from backlighting displays to full Organic LED (OLED) screens and it looks like projection technology is the next area they will dominate.

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