Instant Highway Messaging

Instant Highway MessagingHighway streaming-text messages may not be entertaining, but they're crucial: "Accident ahead, reduce speed to 20 mph and use alternate Rte. 312 to avoid stalled traffic

The sign systems report such roadside incidents as slowdowns, accidents, construction, lane closures, weather concerns, amber alerts and travel-time alerts. Alerts vary from global messages that cover the entire network (amber alerts and posted speed limits) to dedicated messages concerning road incidents along specific routes.

Highway LED electronic systems take many forms. Overhead electronic sign cabinets are suspended on scaffolds across highways. The walk-in sign cabinets allow onsite maintenance without interrupting traffic flow. Signs installed on single-post stanchions supply the same message capabilities as overhead highway signs on arterial, or secondary, roads, which feed traffic to and from major highways. The sign face lifts in sections to provide maintenance access to the interior.

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