Innovative LED display is installed within O2 headquarters

Innovative LED display is installed within O2 headquartersThe UK base of mobile network provider O2 has just been endowed with a brand new LED display which is one of the most unique constructions in the industry.

The LED display is arranged in a ribbon format and it was created in conjunction with designers at Swarm, taking the concept of a thin, wide screen and taking them much further than many other comparable setups.

The LED display has a resolution of 1230x64 and can be used to display full colour video and photos, but most impressive is its curving, twirling layout, which goes from an almost vertical position close to the floor before twisting upwards until it runs horizontal below the ceiling.

It's being described, quite accurately, as a sculpture by its creators and it is over 12 metres in length, making sure that the lobby for the HQ of the network has a real visual impact for anyone arriving there.

The display will be harnessed for a number of purposes by O2, including advertising and communicating the ethos of the firm to those who are visiting the building. It will also be equipped to display up to the minute information about the company, perhaps using data from social networking feeds.

One of the reasons LED technology was chosen is because the complexity of the structure required a lightweight, unobtrusive type of screen. Everything was cut and prepared offsite before being assembled into its final state within the headquarters.

It is thought that O2 will be able to make use of the LED display for many years because it is fully networked and prepared for future developments and changes, allowing it to be used flexibly as the requirements alter and new content is made available for it.

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