Indian City Mysore Introduces LED Screens To Roads

You will no doubt be able to see the benefits that come from LED screens on motorways in the UK, especially for the real-time information you’ll have access to while you’re driving. It’s unsurprising that a country like India is following a similar route to help improve the efficiency of the country’s roads.

The Hindu reports that the Mysore City Police have launched an initiative with the Mysore Traffic Improvement Project to have new LED screens installed in the city.

The displays, which are five feet by two feet in measurement, have been fitted in three different locations: the Aishwarya Petrol Pump on Mysore-Madikeri Highway, Sri Chamaraja Wadiyar Circle in the Core Heritage Zone and the Columbia Asia Hospital near the Mysore-Bangalore National Highway.

Of course, the scheme will provide important information for those that use the roads in the city, ranging from weather and traffic updates to different route changes that have been made. According to the Hindu, plans are moving forward for the initiative to receive a formal launch on August 20th.

Considering that a ₹1.2 crore (approximately £134,388) investment has been made into the project, there is no doubt that many people are hoping that it’s successful and, for example, reduces the time it takes to commute to work. However, it is not going to stop with the introduction of three screens.

T Narsipura Road, Nanjangud Road and Krs Road have been considered as areas that could see displays pop up next. It could be an important phase for LED in the country, especially for the long-term impact it could have on people that frequently use the roads.

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