Humanitarian organisations grace LED board in Times Square

Humanitarian organisations grace LED board in Times SquareTimes Square in New York is regularly in the news because of the innovative ways in which its multitude of LED boards and displays are being harnessed for advertising, but last week the humanitarian efforts of several organisations were publicised alongside the marketing lightshows.

The large scale LED displays on 42nd Street were chosen to play host to various video clips covering the efforts of 16 different aid groups which have been selected to win prizes in the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Awards.

The LED board has been given up by its previous operator and, because it was going unused, it was decided that dedicating it to the promotion of a good cause might be a sensible idea.

The 16 groups recognised by the awards will be the subject of the video presentations for two months and the organisers of the prizes have put up the money to cover the operation of the LED display until July.

Hilton Foundation VP, Judy Miller, said that the organisations being given accolades this year were amongst the most important groups which are fighting against injustice and inequality across the globe, protecting the interests of those who are most vulnerable.

Miller said that by putting the spotlight on the humanitarian organisations using the LED display in world-famous Times Square, it might be possible to drum up even more support from the general public, highlighting the good work that is done and getting more donations to ensure that it can continue in the future.

Various humanitarian organisations are featured on the LED display, including St. Christopher's Hospice from the UK, so there is a broad sweep of support. With hundreds of thousands of people passing through Times Square on a regular basis, it is a high impact area for such advertising.

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