Huge LED Display Used At White House Dinner

Huge LED screens were used at the White House Correspondents’ dinner, as not only do the USA’s top government officials and news reporters attend the prestigious event, but it is broadcast to millions of people around the world. Therefore, it is important its visuals are of top-quality.

For this reason, it was decided a large LED display screen should be set up in the dining hall of the White House, which was used to display powerful images from the last year.

The 5 x 12 tile 2.9 mm LED Hyper Pixel video wall was hung in the main banqueting hall, with the huge size of the screen ensuring all those who attended would be able to see the pictures. What’s more, the quality of the LED display enabled the images to be crystal clear, AV Interactive reported.

Attendees watched the footage on the floor-to-ceiling display, which also had ‘wings’ at each end of the screen so that the tiles could face inwards and provide better viewing quality.

The LED pixel display also allows enhanced brightness and colour to shine through. In addition to this, the screen itself can be filmed without it causing distortion in the footage or a decline in picture quality.

LED screens are being used for a huge variety of events these days, including in shopping malls to enhance customers’ shopping experience.

Senior designer and technologist at ESI Design Emily Webster told WWD that retailers should begin to use bespoke LED displays in shopping centres to encourage consumers to imagine using these products in real life.  

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