Huge LED display installed in Sydney Cricket Ground

Huge LED display installed in Sydney Cricket GroundA new large scale LED display is set to be put in place at the Sydney Cricket Ground just in time for the international season of this and many other popular sports to kick off.

Display manufacturer Panasonic has been commissioned to create the LED display that will entertain and inform fans at both rugby and cricket games which are held at one of Australia's largest sporting venues.

The LED display is set to span over the equivalent of three storeys, with a total surface area of 157 square metres and a widescreen aspect ratio combined with a high resolution for crystal clear images which are bright in all conditions.

The LED display will be joined by new LED signs that are set to be strung along the edge of one tier of seating to display rolling news and results, along with further information for visiting sports fans.

Panasonic's Mark Deere-Jones said that the LED display and signs would all be using cutting edge technology in order to make the action at the stadium even more impressive for the fans. He said that the display will be similar to the large scale LED screens which Panasonic has put up in famous venues like Madison Square Garden in the US and the Beijing Olympic Stadium in China.

An impressive 23 trillion colours will be displayable on the LED board and because the level of sunlight in Australia is set to be high it has been gifted with a 7000 cd/m2 brightness to help keep the images visible.

It is hoped that the Australian cricket team's match up with Sri Lanka on the 5th of November 2010 will be the first game at which the LED display is active, although it may go live earlier.

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