How To Use Signage In Your Hotel Design

Signage is an important part of any hotel design - aside from the obvious external signage to ensure your guests can find your accommodation, there are a multitude of places where you use signs - LED and otherwise - once you step through the front doors.

In an article for Hotel Designs, architectural sign specialist Signbox recently highlighted some of the many ways in which you need to consider signage during the design process at your hotel.

Bespoke LED displays can be a great option for your external brand signage, as this can create a strong first impression, make your hotel stand out and be a great way to advertise your brand.

A post for Hospitalitynet recently highlighted the importance of the exterior design of your hotel because this is what people will form their first impression from. Making sure your establishment looks good at night is just as essential as ensuring it is striking in the daylight.

You may also want to look into how you can use LED displays to enhance, or even create, wall art with them. Hotel Designs notes that “there is no rule for all when it comes to wall art”, which means you can let your creativity run free.

Internal wayfinding signage is one thing you should pay particular attention to when designing your interiors. Think about which parts of your hotel your guests need to be able to find easily and quickly and make sure the signs for these are clear, visible and positioned along the whole route to that destination.

Even room signs, whether for the room numbers or spaces like conference rooms, should be considered as part of the design process. They need to be visible without being intrusive - fitting into the decor seamlessly. 

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