How To Measure Digital Out Of Home Advertising Campaigns

Making good use of custom LED displays as part of a digital out of home advertising strategy is certainly a good idea in this day and age if you’re to stay ahead of the game. After all, why not use all the technology at your disposal these days? Your competition certainly will be.

But once you’ve made the decision to invest in electronic billboards and have your messages displayed for all the world to see, how do you then measure your return on investment?

The easiest way you can do it is by looking at metrics like sales, measuring what they were like both before and after you’ve run a campaign. If there’s been a sharp spike in sales, then you know it’s likely down to your billboard advertising – especially if you’ve never advertised in this way before.

However, it can be hard to pinpoint just what was behind the increase in sales if you’ve got several campaigns running at the same time. It would make sense, especially for your first foray into this kind of marketing, to keep your brand activity stable and focus your efforts on one outdoor campaign so you know whether it’s effective or not.

Building QR codes and URLs into the campaign is another good way of measuring its success as you’ll be able to tell where people are coming to your site or your shop from. Or you could come up with a good hashtag to tie into the campaign so you can track brand mentions on social media to see what people are saying about you.

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