Hong Kong store gets large LED display

Hong Kong store gets large LED displayLast October saw the official opening of a flagship Hackett London outlet in the heart of Hong Kong, with the British tailor chain making a major impact at a launch event.

However, the store's rise to prominence was far from finished and, this month, it held yet another big bash to celebrate the unveiling of a large scale LED display, built into the building itself.

The screen rises to a height of 20 metres, accounting for all four of the store's floors. It took half a year for the construction of the LED display to be completed and cost the retailer the best part of 820,000.

This LED display will be used to promote the store itself and, of course, engage customers while they are inside looking for items they want to buy.

The launch party for the LED display was attended by a number of popular figures from Hong Kong society, many of whom may be unfamiliar to those in the west but were certainly the focus of media attention.

Guests were entertained not only by the large LED display itself, but also by fortune tellers who had been hired to provide predictions as to what awaits us in the coming 12 months.

This kind of LED display is increasingly common across the world, from the bright lights of New York's Times Square to the heart of London and, of course, in countries like China and Taiwan.

Prices for large scale LED displays are falling and once installed, they require relatively little maintenance as well as providing lower energy costs, due to the efficient nature of this technology.

Hopefully, the Hackett London store in Hong Kong will flourish further as a result of its latest feature, which is sure to dazzle customers.

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