High tech LED display joining collection at Times Square

High tech LED display joining collection at Times SquareAlthough New York's Times Square is already famous for its dazzling array of LED displays and lighting arrangements, the latest addition is set to become the most advanced and impressive to ever grace the bustling tourist attraction.

One side of the Doubletree hotel is being converted into an interactive, high definition entertainment centre with the latest in LED board technology, that will, at least for a short time, outclass anything else in Times Square.

LED displays have been used in Times Square for 14 years and there are now more than 50 examples packed densely into this advertising hotspot. The latest display will cover an area of over 5000 square feet and the buildings which elect to allow the installation of such a sign will be able to make up to a million dollars each year from renting it out to firms.

The new LED display is set to be interactive, with passers-by able to exchange data with it via mobile phones and it will also be able to playback high definition footage, thanks to the impressive resolution provided by its dense arrangement of LEDs. This will allow advertisers to implement imaginative campaigns that actively engage the audience in a reciprocal manner.

While the arrival of the new LED display is significant in its own right, the news that the firms, who own and operate the various LED signs around Times Square are planning to work together for a regular event called the Times Square Midnight Moment, is equally intriguing.

Clear Channel Outdoor has the largest number of LED displays in Times Square and spokesperson Harry Coghlan said that the planned events, which will occur every 24 hours, will become yet another tourist attraction in New York, once the plans have been finalised.

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